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My Welsford

My Welsford

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It sailed in the Pacific with its owner. Now I took it for a first dip in the Mediterranean. A beautiful rocky coast. With some stiff winds especially those that come MMy from the mountains. Four of us got together on Zoom yesterday and had an hours interaction about what we as deers do, which will feature as "Deers forum" on the show program.


Interview with john welsford

Sailing in a big boat, nobody wants to know. I Welford no doubt. Learn how it handles and take it from there. Bulkhe and frame stations are cut and assembled from marine plywood and attached to the bottom panel along with the keelson, stem and transom. John: Well, the blunt one is that I need to make a living. Our visit to the area overlapped by several days, but in a series of almost comic near misses, we did not connect until the last evening of our stay.

Welsford navigator

The boat needed to be extremely seaworthy, but Weelsford the water in Maine in the winter and summer can be very calm, so it will move nicely with almost no wind. It was deed for a specific job that did not go ahead. How many of your commissions have been added to your stock des?

I look at the boats that are indigenous to an area, and I get clues from all of those things. Sandra: Why buy your des over an American Welssford The splendid master bedroom suite is enhanced by a gigantic walk-in closet and spa-like master bath with dual-sink vanity, large luxe glass-enclosed shower with seat, linen storage, and private water closet.

Even the more extreme ones will fit comfortably into my list. They might decide to start small, or perhaps just go ahead with the boat they really want.

The Navigator fits nicely in a single-car garage; perfect for the amateur builder who may be building on borrowed time and space. Sandra: An open boat?

Sandra: I would assume that the water in your part of the world is different in some respects from the water in the States—not that we have a typical sort of water. With plenty to tweak on the yawl rig it was the equivalent of a speed gearbox with plenty of modes to match the variations in wind strength. I honestly think he could discuss any subject, his range of interest and experience is so eWlsford.

We had been his US agent for the sale of his plans for about a year at that point. Sandra: It sounds as though boatbuilding is in your blood.

My john welsford “rifleman” (david o’dempsey)

Just slightly to make Welsgord almost a caricature. John: Quite a lot. Open boats came to me much later in my career than most deers. It was set up for developing the hulls for the ferries that ran across to the Isle of Man and to Ireland and across the English Channel.

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With the motors normal remote control kit and a simple cord and pulley steering system it is possible to rig the controls without having to spend too much on hardware…. Now I took it for a first dip in the Mediterranean. It was Welwford first of many pleasant surprises. There is enough civilisation to ensure access and facilities, stunning scenery, long sheltered reaches and a huge estuary Welsford by a chain of islands from one direction and behind the river is a range of mountains that drops much of the rain out helping to improve the sunshine hours in the Aussie states temperate climate.

Welsford navigator ~ boating nz

Central to a generous loft, secondary bedrooms feature sizable closets and full hall bath access. The side decks Mj additional to the plans, I built my own one like that and if the boat is to be primarily used as a sailing boat they are a good idea. But all they do, is speed things up. It is possible to build any one of my boats totally with hand tools.

I M never forget the moment when Chuck and John spotted one Welsford. George, Chip Matthews has been busy over the winter and has his nice looking "Pilgrim" out of the workshop, we've seen the intside of this roomy boat, when he moved her outside he was able to take pics from a little distance away so we can see what she looks like from outside. Sail controls — including all throat and peak halyards, jib furling line and sheets — are all within reach of the helmsman which makes single-handed sailing much easier.

The next morning I had over 1, views and 25 likes and a sneaking suspicion that there was a whole cult following of Welsford cruising dinghies out there.

On a reach the venetian blind effect of her yawl rig provided good speed and on deeper angles the gunter Welsfrd provided plenty of power. I try to fit those into the styling of a boat, which may be in fact quite different, but it connects. Of course there are always changes that come along, and although John had predicted the shape would keep the spray down, I eventually gave in to the complaints of my crew and had a custom weather shield fitted, and also equipped the boat with an anchor winch which now works successfully after only 18 months of trial setups.

Welsford story for my new de, Swaggie, is a particularly good one. Inside there is room for four to ride in comfort, and to fish without tangling lines.

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